How to hang a tapestry

How to hang a tapestry - care of tapestriesYour tapestry will arrive already lined with an attached rod pocket for easy (yes, it is!) hanging. We suggest two alternative ways to hang a tapestry:
–    a) cut a length of round wooden dowel slightly longer than the rod pocket. Insert a small closed cup-hook into each end and simply place these over small picture hook nails. This is quick, easy and inexpensive. The nails will leave mere pinpricks if you change the tapestry position anytime.
–    b) buy a metal or wooden rod with finials (decorative ends) from a local drapery, hardware or interiors store. Use the supplied brackets to hang the tapestry ‘off’ the wall, or you could hang the rod over two nails hammered down at a 45 degree angle to mount flush. The advantage of the nails is that you are not left with large screw holes in the wall when the brackets are later removed.

Here’s a great idea to aid colour co-ordination – add a pair of cords with tassels to either side to match the tapestry to the existing décor. This is particularly useful when the colour of the tapestry does not exactly match the surrounding decor. You draw out one of the colours in the tapestry, even a minor one, to “tie it in” to its surroundings. It has the additional benefit of tricking the eye to make the decorated area larger if the tapestry is a little small for the space.

Care of tapestries

These practical points will help you care for tapestries.

– There may be transit creases on your tapestry when you receive it. These can be removed easily by careful pressing with a steam iron on the rear side (no great pressure is needed since heat will do the job).

– Tapestries are woven individually and part of their individuality is that there may be irregularities in the weave or there may be hanging undulations. You can attach weights to the lower lining if desired but this is rarely necessary (we’ve never done it ourselves).  Do not expect them to be precisely square and flat like a framed print: this is not their character.

– An annual brushing with a soft brush is sufficient to dust your tapestry – or use the drapes attachment of your vacuum cleaner. The tapestry may be dry cleaned with care if a stain somehow occurs but we suggest this be a last resort.