The Tapestry House

We have been selling Arts and Crafts tapestries for over 25 years for the very simple reason that we love them. We gain great satisfaction from helping people create beauty in their homes with tapestry wall hangings. Yes, we need to keep a roof over our heads but we’ve learnt that there’s much more to life than obtaining sales and profit. Not surprisingly, we love receiving testimonials from customers about how much they enjoy their tapestry (and hopefully appreciated our service).

Several years ago a customer approached us with the suggestion that we purchase The Tapestry House business because she was unhappy with her principal supplier. Since we already purchased from all the major European weavers we could place their fine French, Belgian and Italian tapestries on this website (we refuse to sell Chinese knockoffs or support sweat-shop companies). The site offers a full selection including medieval tapestries, fine art designs, Art Nouveau, florals, landscapes and elegant French tapestries. These range from traditional to contemporary, in many sizes.

 Lady with the Unicorn tapestry - the Taste       Because of You - Belgian wall tapestries

Arts and Crafts wall tapestries

The idea to create a website devoted solely to Arts and Crafts wall tapestries simply arose because these are our favourites. We have several William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones tapestry wall-hangings in our home as well as other Arts and Crafts decor though we are not purists; they have a modern twist.  We spent hours creating the article about the life of William Morris.

The collection is divided into three parts for your convenience. We recognise that some designs were collaborative works, and we have been a little loose in our selection of “Other Arts & Crafts wall tapestries” since they include some Pre-Raphaelite artists. The William Morris tapestries are notable especially for his detailed design work and those by Edward Burne-Jones for his rich figures. We hope you enjoy them.

Most of the Arts & Crafts wall tapestries are in stock for immediate shipping, including a free service to North America. You have shipping options and we provide tracking information when available. Our website shopping service is as secure as online banking to keep you protected when shopping and purchasing online. We offer a 30 day return or exchange policy: see our FAQ of policies.

Please let us know if you wish for any further information,

Warm Regards, Pierre and Sue Corso

PS You may like to view our Flickr photostream of over 30 Arts and Crafts tapestries seen in our customers’ homes. We are grateful to all who sent these wonderful pictures. You can also see such room settings in the Tapestry Gallery.